Any Greed & Fear alternatives?


I first heard about G&F several years ago - different people in the business recommended it to me. So I asked my banker to help me get past issues.

I found it to be a very very long ramble. Maybe there are golden nuggets of wisdom, but they seem to be buried in there. Buried deep. Who has the time to read it? Or are we not actually expected to read it all and just skim it for sound bites?

I haven’t looked at it for a long time. But I was very disappointed in what I saw. Obviously, I am the one missing the boat, because Wood is quite well-established in his field - which is Asian finance - and widely-read

Is there anything else we could be reading for a clear and concise view of high finance in Asia?

Not that I know. Mind you I work at the same firm as Woods so there maybe a bias. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, if you had followed Woods’ portfolio (that is the thing to watch), you’d be a hell of a lot richer.