Any gyms on a walk in basis?

I was just wondering if there are any gyms that is on a walk in basis in the Taipei area…not looking for anything fancy. Somewhere that has a few treadmills and weigh machines would be fine. anywhere on the blue MRT lines would be fine or Minquan W. Rd station on the Red line or south of that. I hear there is on beside Zhong San MRT station station. Has anyone been? How much is it? Thanks in advance

California will offer a one month membership, for 1600 dollars. But they will want you for a year after that month is up… Walk-in gyms, if they exist, will cost you a lot more than playing hardball and signing for a year.

I have a one month California Membership card that you can have if you are looking for a short term solution. PM me if you want it.

Note that if you don’t have an ARC they will only give you 2 weeks though.

Of course they will try hard to sell you a membership.

Gyms charge quite a lot for day memberships. The ones I’ve been to charge anything between NT150 and NT300 per day.

Buying a longer membership is IMHO a better option. One reason being the fact that the fee is highly negotiable (in my experience). My SO negotiated a NT30,000 per year membership down to a no-downpayment up front, monthly membership of NT$900 with me included as a guest member no more than 10 times per month.

Do I wanna go to gym more than 10 times a month. No ways! I wouldn’t have any time left to go to The Tavern. :slight_smile:

There’s a YMCA off the red line Shipai station. They charge according to what you want to do. Exercise rooms on the fifth floor I think, maybe 150 dollars. Pay at the front desk.

I used to go to that one a lot last year before I got lazy. It is only fifty NT for an hour, but if you stay past the hour, no one notices (unless you’re ridiculously over). It is on the second floor. You pay at reception on the first floor and then go up and write your name and current time into a book. It’s really nothing fancy, though. Don’t know what you’re used to.

I haven’t been there for a year, but the fee couldn’t have gone up that much (if at all). Even if it’s 75nt a shot, it’s nice not to have to sign up for anything.

…but you really have to not mind the “no frills” thing.

Address: #2, Lane 44, Zhongshan North Road Section 2, near Changchun Road - Get off at Zhongshan or Shuanglien station.

hey thanks everyone for the replies. I think im going to look into the one Zhongsan MRT station. Its exactly whan im looking for.

Edgar Allen- thanks for the offer of the pass. Im actually using one as we speak and trying out California. Ive decided to pass on it because I really dont need anything fancy. I just use the treadmill to do cardio and some other machines. I was also EXTREMELY put of from California from the sales people there. I am currently using a free one month trail I had gotten and the first day I went to sign up they tried very hard to sell me a membership and I really wasnt interested and only wanted to test out the gym. They tried and tried and finally they realized they werent going to get anything. ITs funny because at first they were all smiles than they realized i wasnt going to buy it…they werent so friendly after. LOL. As well, I have gotten about 4 phone calls and 2 text messages from the sales lady after that (probably asking me if I want to join). ITs waaay to pushy for me and out of spite (and also i dont really need all that stuff they have in there) I dont really want to go there. hahah

Hey Pokey

No Sweat (excuse the pun). I don’t find California fancy enough compared to my gym on Hong Kong but it is close to home which is my main prerequisite for a gym.