Any idea of where I can get a old computer for a server?

I want to get a old computer for a Minecraft server, but cannot seem to find a place that one. Any idea of where I could get a old computer for cheap because i am on a budget

You can probably rent a virtual server for running minecraft for a few dollars per month
Lots of providers out there for example
Remember, Google is your friend

How about getting a cheap Raspberry Pi. It can run a Minecraft server just fine.

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@johnsmith1995 I have a few. What’s your budget?

I’ve done that but it doesn’t work great. Can you recommend any instructions that you may have tried that worked well?

There are used computers stores. No idea where you are, but Google maps shows plenty of places for “used computer store” or “二手電腦”.

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i tried. there are too many limitations and the 10 minute inactivity shutdown bugs me too much. I would love to run a dedicated server hehe

Hmmm… the raspberry pi is a ARM based device and not x86. X86 devices are better to run a minecraft server. I am thinking about a energy effecient but playable solution

Hmmm, TBH, my budget is very low. around 1000 TWD

BTW: Its curruntly running on my grandpas computer but i need a better and more energy effecient solution because its hard to maintain and make backups remotely

That might be difficult. I have a dual core PC for about $2000

Tell me the specs, I might consider. Must be desktop though

Yea, It’s a desktop.

It’s a Sandy Bridge Dual Core Pentium. (will check the exact model later)
DVD Writer
240GB SSD.
Win7/10 Home Premium Licence

Not much else to say about it. It’s an old Lenovo Desktop I used as a small miniserver until I upgraded.

If you already have a hard drive, then I’ll take the SSD out and knock it down to $1000

Thanks, i will reply back to you if i want to get it.

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No worries!

Depends how cheap you want, but facebook marketplace and shoppee are both pretty awesome. It’ll take some searching but you could definitely find some cheap desktops there.