Any idea where I can buy soft toy Lunar New Year Chinese Zodiac animals?

I am in Taipei and want to collect all the Zodiac animals of the Lunar New Year. Would appreciate your help.

You mean the Chinese Zodiac.

I don’t know. :thinking:



The novelty stores around Changan W. Rd. sound possible.

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It’s total bullshit there’s no year of the bear. So racist.

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Let’s make our own.

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No cat either, at least in Taiwan :crying_cat_face: That’s it, I’m moving to Vietnam!

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there are some folktales about it

You can check in groceries stores at Night Markets or some stationary stores
Also you can search for 毛絨玩具十二生肖動物手指偶-親子故事-晚安遊戲-10入-動物手指偶-現貨-帶腳-12生肖-玩偶-手偶-故事娃娃-動物娃娃家家酒娃娃-i.2848954.27022536

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Eslite has some for this year (Ox)

Shops on Dihua Street and at the Jian Guo weekend flower market have decorations with all of them together.

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