Any ideas where to find a mandarin tutor?


I’d appreciate any information about how to find a decent Mandarin teacher for one on one (yeah, checked recent posts on the subject). Mostly for spoken Mandarin with a decent accent.


Where are you located?

Near the Shi-Da area.

You could try Shida then.

I’ve heard some of their teachers will teach privately.

Indeed, then again that would be too expensive.

How much is their rate? What do you consider expensive?

You know what, I think someone mentioned here about a teacher who accepts 250 an hour. Not sure, though. Anyhow, the last thing I’d want is a teacher from Shi-Da. Seriously. I’m mostly looking for someone to speak with and not for grammer analaysing. Considering there are quite a few people who can do that, around here, I’m not looking to pay a lot. My Mandarin is at beginner’s level so there’s no need for an expert, etc.

Look for a language exchange then I suppose. You could post in the LE forum here and other sites.

One on one classes (aka tutor I think) should be between 200-300NT/hour I suppose. Classes would actually be cheaper than a tutor per hour (around 150NT/hour), but I thought I got more out of my one on one classes than classes with 4 or more people.

Depending on how “basic” your Mandarin is you could do a lot of self study and just go out and use it (in any situation you can come up with).

Are you an English teacher?

I’ve always thought if I was looking for a one on one teacher, just asking one of the Chinese teachers at one of my schools would be a good idea. At least they have some teaching experience. You could do it in the lunch break, wouldn’t have to find a venue, and it would be easy to schedule.


I know someone who has over 20 years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese and has recently gone through “Teaching Chinese as a Second Language” training. Since she lives near ShiDa, she would be very interested. If you would like her contact information, email me at and I can give it to you.