Any info on Covid19 vaccine in Taiwan?

Hello folks. I am bit early on this but just wondering for those like me who would like to go back home for end of the year?

I actually booked my flight yesterday for October :slight_smile: “just in case” (wouldn’t be surprised I have to cancel it) if going back home is possible a vaccine will surely be mandatory. Anyone has any info about the vaccine in Taiwan? Last time I checked no people has been vaccinated in Taiwan which makes sense since there is barely any case. Thanks.

A few weeks ago I heard the earliest Taiwan will vaccinate will be March, but will likely be much later.

Earliest that it will be available is end of March. I don’t believe that they have released the people who will be in the initial tranche but it’s pretty safe to say they will continue to base things based on evidence so…elderly and health care workers?

I don’t remember if I heard this from an official presser or through a conversation but I believe that it was discussed that vaccinating enough to have some kind of herd immunity would take 9-12 months?

Seems not very urgent? even if there are few cases, taiwanese are going to need vaccines if they want to travel.

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I would like to go home this summer! It will have been two years by then. That’s long enough. Lots of people I know back home have been able to get the vaccine already – older people, health professionals, educators, others. It’s frustrating as hell that it’s still months away from even arriving in Taiwan.


Honestly, the link between “going home” and “needing the vaccine” is not clear. Vaccine does not prevent you from being contagious. What works is your destination country having reached some sort of herd immunity through vaccine, not a single person being vaccinated.

Where did I say anything about only a single person being vaccinated? Yes, herd immunity comes from administering the vaccine to LOTS of people. Other countries have started doing that. Taiwan hasn’t.


Sorry wasn’t aimed specifically at your answer, it is what OP was asking, needing a vaccine to travel.

It seems likely that airlines (and maybe countries) will require proof of vaccination before boarding flights at some point in the not too distance future.


Airlines won’t do that until vaccines are widely available to everybody so OP doesn’t need to worry.

If it is scientifically proven than vaccinated people don’t catch covid and are not contagious…which is speculation at this stage. What has been observed is some people vaccinated get a benign form of covid, ie. asymptomatic…

Oh, sorry. I thought it said you were responding to me. Newbie mistake.

Even an individual getting the vaccine matters, though, if that individual wants to travel to a place where they are more likely to get the virus (which is nearly anywhere). It also makes sense that countries will start requiring it for entry at some point.


Really depends if Covid evolves into a nearly extinct disease or something like flue…current vaccine might become totally useless (Edit: or rather in need of an iteration) by October…who knows.

I hope that will happen eventually (the “nearly extinct” option), but there’s no way it will happen by October. There will likely be a significant in-between period when vaccines will be required for travel.


Priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Health care workers.
  2. Epidemic prevention personnel at central/local governments and airports.
  3. Police and military police.
  4. Workers and residents of long term care facilities and social welfare institutions.
  5. Military personnel.
  6. Seniors 65 or older.
  7. Vulnerable populations aged 19 to 64.
  8. Those with rare and serious diseases.
  9. Adults aged 50 to 64.



I don’t think it’s a huge priority for Taiwan since there is minimal community transmission and the economy is (compared to the rest of the world) a rocket ship.

I cant see forced vaccinations going over well with the crazies. Even for the normals, it will be a hard sell. But using travel restrictions is a smart way to enforce it without technically offending peoples rights in most countries.

Is taiwan taking longer because we dont need one as badly, the gov is waiting for strong safety testing to be done or we just get the short end of the stick? Taiwan waiting for more testing and all that fun lab jazz seems pretty logical in my opinion given the lack of severity domestically.

I want to visit my family too, been many years. Too bad that country cant handle their own very well on this one…maybe mandatory vaccine there too :frowning:

I understand the link is not clear, you have a good point, however I asked because my country will probably decide someday it may be forbidden to enter if you have not been vaccinated, of course at this stage this is only a rumour.

And thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

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