Any info on death of foreign employee of La Mer (Danshui)?

I was told by a reliable but second-hand source this week that that a North American named Denny, who used to work and hang out at La Mer by the beach on the Northeast Coast (the strip down Denghui Dadao about 20 minutes East of Danshui) was beaten up and died from complications sometime in the past week. I didn’t really know Denny, but a good friend of mine who has now relocated to the States used to live near La Mer and would sometimes go and hang out with the owner and Denny. I’d like to send my friend a message about this, since I think he would want to know, but would like to get some more specific information first. Anyone have any?

The only source I have has a silly ginger beard. Sorry. I heard that story, too. Jealous ex, over-zealous hired thugs, dodgy liver.

Thanks. Same source and same info as I heard. Wondering if anyone knows anything more?

bump: anyone else know anything about this?

Were pyramid-building aliens involved? hope the story is false.


Were pyramid-building aliens involved? hope the story is false.


Sadly, it seems to be true, but I don’te have any further info. Anyway, I’ve passed the news as I heard it on to my friend, so he can get in touch with the owner of La Mer directly if he wishes.

We held a wake for Denny at Tone56 on Tuesday.

There was apparently foul play involved, but am not really able to disclose much. I have been told that murder charges were laid. Also, it would probably be a bad idea to ask the owner of La Mer about it…

Oish! Sorry to hear it.



Sympathy to his friends and family.

It’s good to hear charges have been brought.

What is “La Mer”?

A restaurant with a view in Tamshui.

if you want to seee steveknlp2’s tale of woe, hop on over to [url= thread[/url]. i’ve locked it as it was going nowhere fast.

if you want to comment further on steveknlp2, and how his situation has nothing at all to do with information on the death of a foreign employee at la Mer, then go to this thread here in temp.

Denny: there’s a lot of rumours, many contradictory

  • hospital death certificate says “severe cirrohsis of the liver complicated by a massive malignant tumour and hepatitis B”. He had this condition for at least 2 years (previous medical reports indicate).
  • he was beaten up inside La Mer; furniture was hurled & used to hit him; the fight did end up outside. Were iron pipes used? very hard to prove either way. Photos of his wounds indicate long linear injuries consistent with table legs, chairs or pipes…they didn’t send in forensic teams
  • Denny accused the proprieter of “arrranging” the beating, & legal action was taken
  • the (written) court verdict, even taking into account the graphic details of the injuries, was to clear the proprieter of all guilt.
  • did the beating accererate his death? who can really say…

…there’s much more. But a lot of misinformation too. Better not to judge. This is a real case for Sherlock Holmes if you ask me