Any Javascript junkies?

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong with this page:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Seems fine to me, everything works correctly. The templete is a little rough around the edges, but looks ok.

Great, another Blogger user! Thanks for looking, Frost.

I wanted to use this Blogger hack and followed all the instructions but I keep getting an error. Where’s a good place to test javascript? Can one have too much javascript on one page?

The date and email scripts work, what I want to happen is when you click on “1 Comment” the comments appear beneath the post, rather than taking you to the post page.

As for the template, did you mean the code is rough? Or the the resulting page, or both? I like pretty code but don’t have a lot of time to go through it all again. I’ve worked on reducingload time by optimizing the images but I need to find a more effective way to do that because the kid photos are lousy. What would you recommend?

Okay it works now–I was missing a quotation mark :? but thanks anyway.

What did you use to reduce/resize that? I does look lousy :laughing: . The one on the right is 41KB too. It looks like it should be about 2K.

I’ve been happy using Google’s free one (Picasa 2). If I want to do something more advanced I use the GIMP.

For comparison this picture is around 40K and I reduced it with Picasa.

Actually, the one of the kid is a little bit bigger. I’d say give Picasa a try (can’t beat free).

Yet another reason for switching to Firefox is that is gives you a JavaScript console that gives you much more valuable info on what’s wrong than IE does.

Wow, thanks for the tip re Picasa! I had no idea it could be this easy!!! I’ve been doing photos one at a time on Adobe Photo Deluxe and it’s a PITA.

Thanks also for the Firefox recommendation except there’s not much room left in this brain of mine at the moment.