Any lizard keepers here?

Back home used to keep many different critters. Lizards, especially monitors, geckos and chameleons have a very special place in my heart. I realise recent changes have stopped the trade of many of these but still love keeping them. Any other herp enthusiasts around?

I do not keep them but there are way too many geckos in my apartment.

If you have any pointers that would aid in their survival I´d be much obliged.

Do spouses count?

Meet my new best friend. Belinda the big-eyed rat snake.

Everyone has one are two geckos in the house probably, but not as a pet.

I have one that I drain every day, usually multiple times.

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I don’t but I’d like to.

You can go anywhere up in the mountains and catch them.

I’ve seen and caught them (well, maybe not geckos but other lizards), but I wouldn’t take any home… I don’t think they would have enough food and probably the animal would die if it doesn’t escape before.

I didn’t say take them home!

Then I don’t understand your response to my response to your response.

Catch, look, release!

Ya Taiwan has some cool ones no doubt. But I’m generally against wild caught stuff. Though keepingb naturalised tokay geckos or veiled chameleons etc I have no moral issues with here. Funnily, back home we used to breed and sell African land snails, now I look back and grin

The lizards with the blue tail are nice to watch.

Ya. But they’re just the young ones. Many skinks have ultra colorful tails until they’re old or pose them.

I also get into deep conversations with Taiwanese friends about skinks, and why they are based on their Chinese name: 4 legged snake. Many, surprisingly, think they are actually snakes.

I am terrified of those giant snails. In the old country we got poisonous similar things. Horrible, horrible.

I think I heard before that there are chameleons in Taiwan but I’m not sure. where are they, in the South?

Refrain from eating them. Problem solved.

Not if one believes this distribution map

The Taipei zoo has some real nice iguanas

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