Any Organic Grocery Stores in Taichung?

Hello! I am considering a move to Taichung with my three children. I am wondering how available organic food items are there. We are currently in Singapore where the basics (milk, rice, bread, and a few veggies) can be found, but are very expensive. I am only considering this move in order for the children to attend a Waldorf school, and my husband would need to remain in Singapore for work so it is not an ideal situation, but I would love to have any available information so as to make the best decision for my family. Anyone knowing of organic markets, etc. I would love to hear from you!
Thank you,
Megan Lin

We are in a smaller town than Taichung, and there are 3 or 4 organic shops around. As is usual with organics, they’re not especially cheap, particularly the fresh vegetables. But they are available in Taiwan.

We often go back to Taichung to see family, and I know there are definitely organics available there (there’s pretty much everything there), just can’t remember locations. Although the benefits of organic vegetables would be offset by the atmospheric pollutants IMHO :laughing:. It’s not the easiest place in the world to bring up healthy outdoor loving kids.

Many local supermarkets have an organic food section. Here are some where you’ll definitely some: Jason’s market in Chung Yo, the supermarket in the basement of Mitsukoshi Department store, there’s also a Buddhist store that sells a lot of natural foods on Chung Kang Road west a couple of blocks from California Fitness.

Orgainc foods are easy to come by but the selection is limited and prices high. There is also a Waldorf school in Ilan which is much smaller than Taichung but very clean and next to the ocean.

I live in Taichung. There are many organic food stores in Taichung. I have been to at least 8 of them and have seen more than that. The selection is about the same. The price is more than the local produce but not unaffordable.

You can also get organic foods from the big stores as well, e.g. TaiSuCo, CarreFour, Mitsukoshi.