Any other Buddhists here in Taipei?

I am teaching English in Taipei now. Before I had been studying the Tibetan language in India for about 9 months. Are there any other local or expat who have a serious interest in Buddha Dharma, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism? But any type of Buddhism is fine. I would like to link up with some of you.!

T a s h i delek! Several posters here seem well-versed in Tibetan Buddhism, and there are hundreds of Tibetan dharma centers. Have you located the center of your preferred lineage? Here is a Chinese-language site that lists Tibetan Buddhist events:

As for Buddhism in general, since it is one of the island’s major religions I daresay it should not be too difficult to arrange an encounter. (If I were more inclined to mischief I might send you to Zhengjue!)

In terms of expat Buddhists…

There are plenty…most are going to be academics.

Dharma Drum has some expats working in their translation center. They also have English speaking groups throughout the island, they got one in Taichung, so I assume theyd have one in Taipei. If you’re interested, send me a PM and I can get info for you.

Fo Guang Shan has a few expat monastics.

Those are clearly not Tibetan though, but they can probably hook you up with some like minded practitioners.

Too bad you’re not in Taichung.