Any other Forumosans with a 16 year old boy?

My so’s 16 year old nephew has returned from China for the summer. He is living with us through the summer and, hopefully for the duration. He’s a good kid . He likes sports, games, etc. Typical 16 Y.O. I know he’s going to get bored sitting around all summer and I hope to find some others with similar interests that he can socialize with. LiHua won’t let me teach him to drink beer and carouse so his options are limited. Baseball at Guangfu Bridge? Video games at my place? Anybody got an extra male unit youngster that wants to have some fun this summer?

I don’t know anyone with a 16 year old but have you heard of y17?

They have lots of activites for young people, an indoor roller skating rink, sports , comic book room etc. Might be worth checking out.

It’s downtown on Ren-Ai rd.