Any other mums-to-be in Taipei?

Just wondering if there are any other mums-to-be out there in Taipei?

I am expecting my first child in September and although I see plenty of mums with children around, I don’t see many other pregnant ladies.

It would be great if we could meet up sometime and swap notes and ‘top tips’ over coffee! Also just to offer a support network to each other…

Hope to hear from you soon!

Geez, I think I am dyslexic. I read this column as “Any nuns to be in Taipei.”

Hello I expected our first child any day now, why don’t you PM me, my name’s Lisa

Hi! Welcome to Taiwan. I am a new mom in Hsinchu and would like to introduce you to a website where you should be able to meet lots of moms in Taipei.


It is a great site and there are lots of nice people there to chat with.