Any other students out there?

Ok, so ummm, what Im wondering is, like, are there any other foriegn students here in Taiwan? Im a senior from Dallas Baptist University spending my last undergrad year as an exchange student here in Pintung.

Ive seen lots of cool stuff on oriented, but nothing specificaly geared towards us nonteacher-nonprofessional - still aint gradyated-loafer student types

So if your a current (or former) foriegn student with a story or comment, then post here.

Umm yeah, since there have been no replies to this post at all, I am guess

  1. There are no other students studying abroad over here in Taiwan


  1. Mabey Im just stupid and no body wants to post here

whatever…Im gonna log off and try to find a vein


Be patient, there are lots of other studnets like you in Taiwan.

Hey there aaron, just wanted to let you know i am here and if you wanted to get in touch, you can email me.

Hey Aaron,

Sorry but I’m not in Taiwan, but I am studying Chinese at uni and thinking of doing a year in Taiwan. If you have any gems you’d like to share I’d be greatful.

Are you learning to write as well as speak? if so what method are you using for writing. As far as gems, well, there are alot of different opnions on this, but for me, I just have to write the characters over and over and over and over. Different people learn in diffrent ways. Iron lady may be a good person to ask, as well as Richard Hartzel. They have been speaking CHinese for decades, where as I have only been learning for 2. For me, it really helps me remember how to write a character when I understand all the radicals. That may seem pretty obvious. If you have any specific questions, post em here, and I bet iron lady will be more than willing to answer

Tell yourself stupid stories about the characters – the dumber the better…my favorite is still the hou4 候 from “shi2hou4” for “time” – if you look at it for long enough (or, I’m told, a few drinks don’t hurt ) you can clearly see that this is a drawing of a fireplace with a mantle (the left side of the character) and then on the right you can clearly see Santa Claus’ pack sticking out of the chimney on top, and his two legs hanging down from the fireplace opening… or maybe it really does just have origins in some Classical Chinese thing, who knows??

Hi Aaron, just want to let you know that I’m also a student/non-teacher/non-professional now – although I’ve been all of these in Taiwan at some point up until recently. I left my day job just before last Christmas and now I study Mandrin in the mornings, and fly to Singapore every month for a week of graduate school studies

Hey thats cool Gus. Which school? Are you going for your MBA? Thats what I wanna do next year.

By the way, on another note, does anybody have any contacts in the Kaoshung area? Cause daddy needs and internship baby. I know oriented isnt my personal employment service (even though we have an employment section) but Ive just been running into dead brick wall after brick wall down here. I’m guessing it wouldnt be this hard in Taipei, but, down south, its hard to find anything other than English teachin internships.

Good guess – yup, I’m doing my MBA at the University of Chicago GSB’s Asia Campus.

There happens to be an information session coming up (next week) for those who are interested in learning more about it.

Btw, Aaron, I’d love for you to think of ORIENTED as your personal employment service Happy new year!

Hi Gus,
Could you give me some references or hte URL for more info on this program? I think my husband would be incredibly interested. We are not in Taiwan at the present time but it looks more and more as though we will be back there in the near future…