Any playgroup in Taipei Shih-Lin Area?

If there’s any please let me know. My kids are 5 and 12.




The City Playgroup’s Friday group is meeting in that area today, around 2:00.

[quote]Taipei Municipal Children’s Recreation Area.
An old amusement park, the grounds also include several playgrounds, some
giant slides, and some climbing walls (which are a little run down.)
Admission to the grounds is NT$30 per adult. Children under six are free.

Gathering place will be the sandpit/giant egg at around 2:00. It’s at the
back of the park, just before you get to the merry-go-round and the giant
wedges of cheese. Remember to bring your sand toys! There are three
playgrounds directly around it, one which is very shady, and it is also next
to the coffee shop and concession stand.

Mosquito repellant is highly recommended.

If the children would like to sit on any of the rides, tickets may be
purchased at a kiosk inside the grounds, at the cost of NT$20 per ticket.
Each ride charges one ticket per passenger, regardless of age.

Maybe we can gather a group together to visit the World of Yesterday up on
the hill above the amusement park area. One parent recently wrote about it:

"They have a replica of a section of the Great Wall that kids can go up on,
a Chinese water maze, a Children’s Science Exhibition Hall (which we didn’t
go in) that is currently showing IMAX movies about the Galapagos Island and
about the North Country (?) They also have a whole traditional toys area
that we didn’t have time to visit. but you can learn how to make, play with,
and pobably buy, old traditional toys. The folk arts area included a
replica of an old traditional Chinese house that you can walk through, an
area to practice the Chinese yo-yo (Che-ling)- they provide the yo-yo’s for
people to use. There was also a huge performance plaza that is a puppet
theatre and square where you! can use wooden stilts that they have on hand-
both the long kind and the kind where you step on wooden platforms and hold
them on with ropes, which is easier for very young children. They sold
snacks and drinks as well. Of course, as is often the case in Taiwan, it
could be better maintained, but it’s still fun.

"The only down side is that it’s not all that stroller friendly. There
actually is a (very steep) ramp going up the mountain behind the playground
with the airplanes, which we didn’t know about and carried our stroller up
the 100 (!) stairs behind the stone slides at the entrance. But getting
around once you get up there is still tricky with a stroller, although it is

“I’d say it’s worth a trip for anyone who has at least one child that’s 4 or


Address: No.66, Sec. 3, ChungShan N. Rd., ChungShan district, Taipei

Public Conveyance:

By Bus: Take Red 2, 21, 208, 522 bus to MRT Yuanshan Station

By MRT: Yuanshan Station. Take Exit 2, cross the street directly ahead, and
walk around to the right side of the subway tracks. About twenty meters
ahead you’ll see a sign for a bicycle path that runs along the space beneath
the tracks: I recommend you take the path since the sidewalk disapears at
some point up ahead. Walk to the end of the bike path and you’ll see the
recreation center up ahead to the right.[/quote]

My number, just in case you have trouble finding us, 0954-05-7757.

That reminds me. I promised to take my daughter there tomorrow. She is five and her brother is three. If anyone wants to meet up there let me know.