Any pool players, pool halls, billiards or snooker here?

I’m currently in the states but am relocating to Taiwan very soon (within a month). Are there any pool players here that may want to get together and shoot some? Where is the best place to play? Where do the pros play?

There’s pool halls everywhere. Make sure you specify your rules though. Aussies and Poms don’t generally call shots (best way to play too). Pros? Come on mate, pool a game you play after you’ve smacked down 15 pots. But no, no ideas as to where the pros hang out.

There are places everywhere. There are some better than others and even some snooker tables (but they are rare).
I used to play in competition but not really these days so when you get into town I will give you some names of places that have good tables and good atmosphere.
As far as rules, it is like any place for 8-ball – rules have lots of nuance depending who and where you play, but 9-ball is getting popular here and those rules never change.
The Chinese like to play 14-1 continuous (they don’t call it that of course).

Life is hard, then you die.

How do you even say 8-ball, 9-ball, and Straight Pool in Chinese? Just curioius…

I heard there was a place on

in the old tonlin department store building, across from the mingyao dept store. the one with the big health center in the bottom floors.

Hey, I like to play pool, but FYI, that I am not a pro… I left my own cue back home… :frowning:

What is “straight pool”? Or will the answer embarrass me?
Are you thinking of 8-ball or some kids’ form of hit any ball in?

Let’s go shoot!! Be there in mid-May. :smiley:

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]What is “straight pool”? Or will the answer embarrass me?
Are you thinking of 8-ball or some kids’ form of hit any ball in?[/quote]

Straight pool’s a.k.a 14.1 is the game where you get one point for any ball made in the pocket. Usually you would play to like, 75 points. Whoever has 75 points first wins.

I’ve took the classes in college for 6 months, but still pretty bad. So, I’m definitely not a pro…but whenever you need to feel good, we can go have a shoot.

It is easy enough to organize a tournament at one of the pubs in the Zone. Malibu used to do it. If everyone interested put their heads together it might be fun. They usually offer a bottle of wine or spirits as first prize – for me :shock: – and the honor of having beaten me for second…

You’ll need people to beat-pencil me in.

I play every few weeks at a place on Sung Chiang Road. I’m still looking for the pool hall where all of the hot shaojie’s hang out. Guess I’ll have to supply my own :wink: .


I love to play, but it’s been over 18 months since I last played. Look me up when you get here, I’d love to go shoot!

Cool it seems like there is some interest in playing pool. I’m not a pro. but can make a few balls. :smiling_imp:

Actually some of the best players in the world are from Taiwan, and I wouldn’t mind finding out where they play just to watch a bit. Since Taipei is so small they must be pretty easily accessable.

HEY I’m HEEEAAAH!! :slight_smile:

Anyone want to go mess around and shoot some pool?

I like pool but I suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Mixer, drop me a note by private message or email me let’s arrange a time and a place.

Can anyone recommend a nice pool hall in the Guting/Taipower/Shida area?


Basement, corner of Dingzhou and Xiamen St.

Anyone have any good tips for a decent pool hall in Taipei?

Edit: Sorry DB, tried searching for such a thread earlier but had no luck. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough