Any pool players, pool halls, billiards or snooker here?

There’s a good one on the southeast corner of Fuxing and Changchun Roads, 2nd floor. I’ll play with you if it’s after 9:30 pm…

there’s one right at the basement of the building I live in, near Dankang university.

There’s one on the corner south of the Jilong/Roosevelt intersection on the road down to the Normal University annexe. Never been in, though.

No worries, mate! :slight_smile: I had to run pool and billiards through to catch it.

I will be moving to Taiwan in May, too, and would like to meet up to play.

I’ll also be happy to drive up to Taipei and knock a few balls around…

Hah, that’s where I used to play. I thought it was my secret.

Down here in Taichung, I’ve barely played a game in years, for lack of interested parties. I’m in Taipei once a week, if anyone wants to warm me back up.