Any possibility of Dutch or French discussion forums on Forumosa?

I just noticed the German language section on Forumosa. Can’t believe I never noticed it there before.

Is there any possibility of Dutch or French discussion forums?

I speak English and German, but I also speak Dutch and French at home.

Usually the argument for or against a specific language forum (there used to be a Spanish one) is how many users there would be, and if someone is available to moderate who is reasonably proficient. I don’t know what the answers to those things would be at this point.

My native langues are German, Dutch, French, and of course, English. :slight_smile:
(although we don’t really speak Dutch at home)

I am certified as interpreters in all 5 languages to/from Mandarin Chinese, so I guess I can’t be neutral? :slight_smile:

I think the first step would be, as Iron Lady suggests, to determine if there are enough posters here to warrant opening up a new forum. If one can gauge that, then one should present the case to admin., who can then see if someone is available to moderate the new forum.

Not sure if the French language forum is still active over at Taiwanease, but the OP may well want to check that out.

We call it “Demonstrated Interest” and we used to define it as identifying 30 discussions and a possible moderator. This is a meaningful starting point. Now, you could try to simply post in Dutch, but don’t be surprised if a moderator challenges it because they cannot read it.

In my opinion, we should welcome and support other languages, but this should be balanced by what is practical – that is, what can be handled by our moderating team. I know there are plenty of speakers of Spanish in Taiwan – Taiwanese and residents from Spanish-speaking countries, not to mention one of our longstanding moderators! – and yet a Spanish language forum has not found traction. What are the prospects of a Dutch or French language forum? That’s up to you (if you want to post in those languages)

Btw, I’m kicking this over to the Feedback Forum

I vote yes for Dutch, no for French. Long live Flanders!