Any really good model shops in taoyuan county?

Hello all,

Looking for a well stocked model shop in Taoyuan county. I am particularly interested non-military and sailing ships.



There’s an excellent one in Jungli, near the Transport department building there. It’s down an angled off street from the main road. The name slips my mind at the moment, sorry.

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Hey Mr. M

Long time no see. Perhaps one of these weekends we can go in together. Sorry I didn’t pick up the bike. I bought a used one from the guy across the street from me.

Get into contact with me.


that would probably be the street “the river” is on, if that helps. although i thought that it was full of army stuff, so i didn’t mention it.

Bob! Duh I forgot that was your account. hah
Nevermind about the bike, I’ll put it to good use…if I ever get out of this super comfy chair.

Yeah, the store does have quite a bit of military stuff, but it also has a load of models (non military) and other doodads.

There’s another here in Longtan, it’s kind of small, but has a few models and everything you need (though the paint they have is way too old now, so don’t buy bottled paint there).

Gimme a ring or email. I’m free this weekend.

I made it to the model shop in Chung-Li.
It is very military oriented. They did have some tools and paints that I needed anyhow.

Perhaps in Taiei I find find something more to my liking. If not, Well there is always the internet.

Any experience getting models sent to Taiwan? Seems to be a dangerous chance unless the shipper really does a good job at stregthing the box.


have a great day.