Any reason Snoopy / Peanuts is so popular here?

Any ideas how Snoopy caught on here? Seems to be everywhere.
By the way the creator is from my home town of Minneapolis in the US of A, so nice to have a slice of home around me all the time hahaaha

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It’s cute.


I’m cute.


cats are cute

I vote “solved”! :grinning: :white_check_mark:

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That’s the answer to a different question, namely why is Hello Kitty so popular here?

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You should have seen the Snoopy Trading Cards that kids bought in the 80s. I think they were locally made and not exactly cannon if you get my drift .
Dang… My wife threw them away…
There were some examples at a museum of Taiwan culture but I think that museum is history too. It was a recreation of a Taiwanese city that had everything right down to the pop culture in advertisements. Sad.

If you haven’t yet grokked the pervasive “Cute is Cool” paradigm, you either just got here or aren’t really paying attention.

Was going to see the Snoopy Museum but after a google search it sounds like it closed here in Taiwan and moved to Japan, very disappointed.

OTOH, the original cartoons or TV specials are nonexistent.

Yeah, like a lot of that stuff, everyone’s mental about the images without any reference for the actual content.


Tried to introduce it…
Didnt go over well. The Snoopy sequences ok, but the show Just doesn’t resonate. Pacing, language? For 10 years I had control of some advanced students, daughter and classmates. Brady Bunch, Original Loony Tunes, Peewee Herman, Little Rascals,fantastic. Sadly Snoopy was left for me and sometimes my wife to enjoy. My younger kids like Adventure time.