Any recommendations for bilingual acquisition/contract lawyers?

We may be partially-selling our USA-based IP [digital small business]. However, the contract will be under Taiwan jurisdiction (we both live here).

I have a lawyer I like that is great with Chinese contracts, but what about English?

I currently have an English draft, but I realized that my favorite lawyer for English contracts charges as much as USA native speakers to review contracts (which doesn’t make much sense to me - I could just remotely hire a USA native speaker, if I wanted that, since most of the contract wording is not jurisdiction-specific).

Anyone have a great lawyer to recommend that has reasonable prices around Taipei / New Taipei area? Small Business + Contracts + Acquisitions

Try Tsar and Tsai, in my experience their prices are fairly reasonable.

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Oof, they charge $400 USD/hr and had typos / grammatical errors throughout the email (that was only a few sentences long). Hard pass, but I appreciate the lead :slight_smile: Heck, that’s the price of a NY-based native speaker. I did find a couple more for around $200/hr that responded in a perfectly composed email that’ll likely be the winners.

Wow I’m sorry to hear that - my experience with them was pretty good.

I’d ask which lawyer you worked with but I don’t really wanna drag their name through the mud on the internet.

In any case, apologies for the recommendation.