Any recommendations for Kinmen places to stay?


I’m planning on taking a 3-4 day trip to Kinmen in the next week or two.

Does anyone had any recommendations for hotels or ‘minsu’/homestays or B&Bs there?

Mid-range or higher-end would be fine…I’m not looking for backpacker/student digs! Cleanliness, and comfortable beds are important (and A/C!), as well as friendly hosts.

I like the idea of staying in one of those restored old houses but it’s difficult to get a feel of which places are good, just based on the web listings.

Non-english speaking would be OK (I’m going with a taiwanese friend, and I can get by myself), though non-mandarin speaking might be more of a problem.

Also, does anyone have any opinions about which area might be best to stay in?

I’ll probably rent a car to get around (I’m not sure my friend can ride a scooter).

Thanks for any suggestions.


The most convenient one is the King Ring hotel in Kincheng. Rooms are simple and clean but the breakfast sucks.

My favorite one is the Tai Kin Hotel, it’s somewhat remote near Tai Wu Shan park but it’s quiet, you get nice scenery and spacious rooms.

The Hotel River Kin Men is said to be good, too, located a bit outside of Kincheng. Never staid there myself though.

Has anyone tried this kind of Minnan style house B&B in Kinmen?

I didn’t try this exact one, but another one (supposedly the first of those houses to be converted to homestay), located in Jinhu Township. I can try to get the exact info which one it was later if anyone is interested.

It was cheap, somewhere below 2000 NT for 2 people and 3 nights. Also staying in such an old style house was very nice, and the owners were very helpful and even picked us up from the airport, brought us back there, as well as helped rent a scooter.

On the down side it was very run-down, and also not clean. I didn’t mind, since at least the pillow case seemed to be freshly washed and the bathroom was clean, and we were only staying there for the night. I have no idea what the taiwanese standards are, but for western standards I think it was very low class.

We went to Kinmen for 4 days over Dragon Boat Festival. We stayed in one of the traditional B&B places - - Photos - Contact Details

It’s in Zhushan - about 5 minutes on a scooter from the main town, in a small, quiet, traditional village.

The family was really friendly and helpful, the owner doesn’t speak any English but his son and daughter-in-law speak good English and were helpful showing us around and giving us any information we needed. They also picked us up from the airport and got us a scooter etc (they can also organise cars if you want one, and have free bikes you can borrow although they’re pretty old and you can get newer ones for free at a lot of the visitor centres). The double rooms were recently renovated with nice clean bathrooms, fancy air-con and tv etc. It was 1400 for 2 people per night, although this was a holiday weekend and many of the other places we tried were booked out. The breakfast was pretty good too. We definitely recommend this place to anyone going to Kinmen.