Any room in Taipei to stay for a couple of months?

Hi, I’m Edu from Spain, I’m 37, I just arrived here and I’m struggling to find a room for short-term in Taipei that it’s not a hotel and they are quite expensive. I guess the most that I can pay would be around 15000NTD. I’ll be studying Chinese in NTNU starting next month and I can’t speak any Chinese yet, so pages like 591 are out of reach for me right now. If you can give me any hint I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks

There’s a hostel called Leopard Garden in Ximen that charges around 15,000 a month if you rent monthly. Talk to the hostels, they have lower per day rate if you are renting for a month or more.

They also have other locations that are cheaper per month.

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check the facebooks group for renting in Taipei

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Nice! Thank you!