Any size tent

Looking for a four-man or two-man tent but any size will do really. Sleeping bags would also be a plus.

I went to Carrefour yesterday, they have 4 man tents for 790nt and sleeping bags too, not sure how much they are though.

Anyone can chime in with an opinion on the actual quality/durability of a 790ntd tent?


Well I can because I bought it haha, depends on what you’re using it for. Ideal for doing a bit camping on the beaches down south (like me) not so good for camping on the top of Mt. Yushan. Its nothing fancy, just your standard cheap tent, build in ground sheet, separate luggage area ect ect.

Thanks, Phil.Will have a look.

Thanks. I was actually looking for something for a one or two nights out on low-altitude trails. I think I’ll get it.

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