Any sort of hard rock/metal venue in Taipei area?

I found this friend who is really big on heavy metal, and I am too, but I could not find anything other than KTV or whatever type places… any places we can go in Taipei for hard rock or heavy metal venue of some sort?

The Wall.

where is that?

I think The Wall has been discussed a couple of times on Forumosa. You should be able to find other threads about metal and The Wall. They have little mini-concerts from time to time. And check out the all-metal/rock cd store at The Wall, too.
Corner of Keelung and Roosevelt Roads, in the basement of that building with the movie theatre, under the bridge. Kind of.

And check out the Formoz festival…the rock/metal stage is the best of the fest! :blush:

Yeah The Wall is prob your best bet. You can find some metal/rock bands at the Velvet Underground too but theres a lot of student bands, so not very inspired performances, though I have seen a couple of impressive bands there.

Or you could come check us out (LOADED) at the Shannon on saturdays. We are a rock covers band, not really heavy metal, but more well-known/danceable rock as we need to play for the audience to make $$, but we’re all big metal/hardrock/punk fans. We are there till the end of May, after which we may stay or move on to another venue, will keep all posted in the events forum!

I think I am going to find an event on saturdays or something and bring my friend to “the wall” or something… hope they are any good… probably not compared to America… (and it sucks I couldnt go to Ozzy Fest…)