Any Substance Free Expats out there?

They haven’t banned smoking in either of the two bars I’ve been to (I don’t go to so many bars). The boss at Malibu East was saying smoking’s allowed after 9. It was supposed to be allowed in only bars that didn’t open till after 9, but apparently they didn’t “ding wei” the law properly, so it’s OK after 9.

Is there, in fact, an effective ban? I haven’t anywhere posh like Carnegies or China Pa recently so no idea.[/quote]
I don’t get out much either, but the two places I’ve been to since the ban, JBs and the Brass Monkey, were smoke free. It was a nice change I thought.

I am a chain-smoker. I smoke 60-80 per day. I will never smoke in a restaurant, however. I’m all in favour of banning smoking in public venues. Unless, of course, the establishment advertises itself as a “smoking venue”.


Maybe the boss should rename Malibu east and west as malibu smoke (combat zone) and mailbu sports (next to hospital)

anyways, Im quitting smoking again now so wont bother me soon, but right now, no booze for me for the next 4 weeks