Any suggestions for Korea during CNY?

We are thinking of going to South Korea during or right after CNY next month - 2 families, including an 8yo and an 11yo. Can you suggest what we should visit?

We have friends who are longtime residents there to help us plan a visit. I’m hoping there might be other ideas we should consider for a 1 week stay.

My son hasn’t experienced snow yet, so that’s one thing we want to try to do. But that rules out a trip to Jeju, I guess (or does it?)

You don’t want to go to Jeju anyways, it’ll be overrun with mainlanders. Go to Seoul and check out Lotteworld, near Samsung Station on Line 2. Or Everland in Yongin. Pretty good amusement parks.

Or check out the ski resorts, I recommend either Phoenix or Vivaldi.

(Went to college in Seoul, lived there for five years, parents have retired there, and I plan on hitting the slopes the first week of February)

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I second lotteworld.

Star field library in Seoul is also pretty cool to check out.

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