Any Swiss here? Will be working in Geneva, survival tips

Hi, everyone

I’ve got a nice job offer in Geneva and will be working there for at least two years. Since I will be leaving in four months, I would like to know and learn more about the possible life I will have there.

I wonder if there is any Swiss here in the forum who can provide me some tips in order to build a good life there.

The only swiss people I know is from the institute where I will be working at. They are very nice people but mostly are married, professional kinda dude.

Although, I had lived in the States for four years, to work and live in Geneva, a french speaking city, is going to be a quite new experience for me.

Is there any expat cyber-community? A good online forum like Forumosa?

I’ve googled a little bit but didn’t find too much. I was thinking of doing LE to learn some french and make some LOCAL friends, do you think I can find people who are interested in learning Mandarine in Geneva areas or even France near by? I like (actually need sports)tennis and jogging, surfing etc. where can I find working out partners, should I join a gym or club or something?

Any information will be grateful?

thanks, in advance

Geneva is a world-class city. Both for work, living and play.
It can be expensive, so pay attention and learn the haunts of the locals.
If you speak english, which it appears you do, you will have no problems.
I have worked short-term in Geneva several times. The best description I can immediately come up with is - World Class City.

Best of luck.

Refer to your hosts as ‘Russians’, they love it!

I’m Swiss, but not from Geneve, therefore I can’t help you much. Geneva is a very international city with lots of English speaking foreigners, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I’m sure there is some kind of expat community there as well. It might be difficult to make local friends, at least that’s what I heard from other foreigners back home. Swiss don’t seem to be easy to approach. And yes, Geneva is very expensive as is the rest of Switzerland, but I’m sure you’re on a good package, so should be OK.

Have fun

Thanks, Tainancowboy, very encouraging, really appreciate your words. I am glad to have this opportunity to work in a World Class City as you call it.

Redwagon, I don’t understand, why refer my hosts which I don’t have ones, Russians and they would love it?

Mesheel, thank you too. I don’t expect any people to be easily approached. It is more about naturally getting to know people who share certain beliefs, interests and hobbies. Since you have Roger Federer, the best tennis player all time, and Martina Hingis who just makes a fantastic come back, I would not worry to find some people to hit tennis with… By the way, Your blog is really nice. I hope you’ve enjoyed living by the foot of xiang sang where I grew up.


Sorry, it was a bad joke. The Francophones are known to the rest of Switzerland as ‘Russians’. It’s an insult.

If you want to, I cold teach you to say"kitchen cupboard" in Swiss German!

Sorry, it was a bad joke. The Francophones are known to the rest of Switzerland as ‘Russians’. It’s an insult.
Is that so??!! Sorry, never heard of that, though.

Wenkao, if you are Taiwanese and grew up in “my” area, you will find Geneva lovely, but boring. Stores close around 8pm or probably earlier and there are not many people on the street after that. :unamused:
And no, if you live in the French part of Switzerland, it is not necessary to be able to say “kitchen cupboard” :wink: … clnk&cd=10

I am very Swiss and I hate Geneva, there was once some movement there that they would want to split away from Switzerland but somehow that did not happen, hope such a movement gets momentum again. It’s a rather dirty place compared with the rest of Switzerland. There are more Arabs than in the middle East, the place and the people living there do as much have in common with the rest of Switzerland than a car crash with a picasso. If I have to name a place in the world that I would compare to Geneva, Montreal would be my pick. The good thing about Geneva is that you are just minutes away from very lovely places such as Lausanne, Ouchi, Chion, etc. They speak Suisse Romande there not that other language they speak in that country on the other side of the lake! There are excellent train connections from Geneva to the German speaking part of Switzerland which is a plus. You will find that Switzerland has the best train system in the world. Good Luck and enjoy the Beauties of Switzerland.