Any thoughts?

so, been here two years and have been with the same school the entire time. it’s been good… no complaints. but now my contract is coming to an end and i need to decide pronto on whether or not i’m going to sign for a third year. i kinda would like a change… see what else is out there… other schools, different kids. a new routine. has anyone else been faced with this kinda decision? as much as i like being comfortable… i don’t want to fear change either… is it such a bad idea to move on and go somewhere else in the big bad world of teaching bushiban in taipei, or am i screwing myself over by giving up something i’m familiar with, have down pat, but am also kinda bored with? i’m also kinda worried that i won’t find something in december. :?

speak to me.

With two years of experience under your belt, and the market for English teachers right now being pretty good (after the SARS debacle), I’d say go for something different. A little change now and then (or even a big change) is a good thing, and with all of the experiences and knowledge you’ve gained, you’ll be able to find an even better school … you know what to look for, what you want and don’t want, and with the two years of experience you already have, can probably negotiate an even better salary. If you’ve been teaching the same kids (or even adults) for the past two years, your leaving would also probably be beneficial to them in some ways. They need to learn to adapt to new teachers, and hopefully broaden their views and knowledge of foreigners by meeting someone besides just you. Good luck!

Depends on your own personal goals and preferences. Practically speaking, you should have no trouble finding something new, though it saves some worry if you have the new job lined up before you quit the present position.

Teaching at different places definitely gives you a wider variety of experience. If you are interested in making ESL your career, that variety would be a benefit. You can learn a lot working with different systems, materials, and students. If you’re getting bored and burnt out, changing schools is often a good way to recharge, especially if you can find one with supportive co-workers, reasonble administrators (relatively speaking) and hours that suit you.

I’d only advocate staying at the same place if you’ve got plans for your free time or want to fill another position in the school. For example, if you’re studying Chinese, writing a novel, raising kids, or doing some serious partying, you’d probably appreciate the minimal prep time you now need. Or, if you work somewhere you can get involved in other aspects of language teaching and running a school, you might want to learn what you can from that.

Do you have any specific long-term goals or are you just taking it day-by-day, year-by-year?

Is there any particular kind of teaching or school or that you are interested in (business English? bilingual kindy? daytime hours? no weekends?)?

I’ve taken both of your advice. thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

it ain’t so bad to make the change. i was in exactly the same situation. old school was very comfy the people easy to please. though, they weren’t offering any incentive to really stay on…i thought to change will make me all clumsy like a stupid new teacher when i switched from buxhiban to kindy teaching. tell you what, early mornings and early evenings really make life a little more bearable in Taiwan. i forgot how it feels to go home with the sun still high - in summer that is. or how precious a lunch break can be. it made me realise there’s more time in the day to fit regular exercise in, cook homecooked meals and well i’ll be true to myself :make more money! the 2 - 9 schedule i had for 2 years didn’t really allow much time for private teaching. now’ i work till 8pm cause i want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly!! i work until 10 sometimes and my days are pretty much shot because of it. there is nothing to do in the evening. i’d like a little more of a regular schedule to fit in exercise, some kind of class whatever it may be. i am so glad i didn’t get negative responses on making the change… hopefully i can find a full time kindy in december. think it’s wise to start putting myself out there now to schools?
part of me is really nervous… i have to get a new visitors visa and what if the worst happens… like not being able to find a new job!!!
i’m sure it will all work out… like it did for you. thanks for the great reply!