Any Tianwei Taizhong orThaijung Area Bicycle Riders / clubs

Any Tianwei / Taizhong or even Thaijung Area Bicycle Riders / clubs. I brought my Road Bike from America - I use to race, actually I use to win stuff in Races. I am as Strong as The Great Smaug on the Wing when I ride :loco: … But I’d like to ride with some other people… Also if anyone is riding around Taiwan during the block vacation times I’d be interested in joining you - especially if you had your wife/husband/friend riding the sag vehicle and I could use it tp stash my gear too :laughing: I think I could loop the Island in 1 or two weeks depending on how many sight seeing stops we were taking… 216 miles in a day was a bit tedious when I did it for one those silly ultra-marathons but day-day back to back century is always good for the belly if a bit hard on the buttocks.

Also, if I get really motivated and find some mud monsters I might be encouraged enough to buy a 800- 1.5 grand MTB. But right now it looks like there are no trails about and noone is begging me to jet their Multi-Sport to the trails with me and our bikes…
So far in my riding I’ve only come across and blown by, or slowed down for a bit of a chat some Taiwan fellows who seemed to be touring on fat tire MTBs … go figure? And, I sighted a few road bikers types who were chugging along at around 20 … ummm boring. :unamused: Still, I suppose I’d have an enjoyable time and I should at least once join a slow group of riders just for the social aspect and just ride in front with my hands on the tops… :laughing:

Further, sorry if this seems like boasting… I suppose it is to some extent but I wanted to try to convince any 53x12 guys or ladies out that that I am serious about some hammertime together. PM me or something…

And just to keep this on topic I’ll go ahead and post a picture in Kenting of me with my Silver Fey Born in America - Slain in Jeju - and Reborn in Tennessee. It’s a long story but to list all the frames I’ve snapped would be longer…

If you can read Mandarin, you can check this web site
I hope it helps you

If you can read Mandarin, you can check this web site
I hope it helps you

136 team in Taichung would suit you best, they are serious road bikers/mountain bikers and they periodically hold local races, the most wellknown race is from Puli (sea level ?) to Wuling (3300 m)

The website of 136 is gone but this is the email of the owner of team 136.

For mountain biking, most of the trails were washed out by typhoons a couple years ago, seems the only good off road trail is Lee Leng trail, well you gotta be speaking Chinese good enough to find it :smiley: . We’ve been there twice and it is located by the Central Crossing highway (Route# 8) at milage 26K ?? where you can see a big bridge with red guardrails, get over the bridge and follow the paved road until you reach a platform. The trail starts uphill by the platform with 6KM on road and another 32, 33 KM off road dual tracks. You’d better apply for mountain permit at 24 K ?? Tian Lun police station, or sneak into the trail. The folllowing are the photos of Lee Leng. … =14&page=1

Well, if it’s too easy for you, try Neng Gao trail from Nan Tou to Hualien. check out:

They biked the ridable part on west line and yet some other bikers made it to Hualien thru east line in two days with full equipments for rock climbing.


Hey thanks to the both of you. I’ll have to get a fellow teacher to read the bike page… And I should try to contact that guy and hurt myself in a s&m climb style race- it sounds nasty but if it is most all a climb the pace would be slow and I could avoid the irritating criterium problem of guys always crashing in front of me… I may just hold off on the MTB purchase- mines at home, Too bad there is not a forest with a lot of single track somewhere.
The Neng Gao Trail has some nice forest but it looks a bit mmmm double trackish- sandstone without jumps. I’ll have to get rich off my teaching here, return to America, bring back my MTB, buy 20 forested acres, and bring in Ryan Leech to design a single track trail :bravo: but without any of those insane drop off ramps…