Any top floor of a tall building in Taichung downtown open for viewing?


I am looking forward to go to the top floor of a tall building through the elevator
and then go up to the very top floor and enjoy the view in Taichung downtown.
(No, I am not planning to jump and kill myself, lol)

So… question… is there any top floor of a tall building open in downtown ?
with a coffee shop at the top at the top would be perfect
otherwise just a place to sit and enjoy !

Try the bar at Landis Hotel. Open to the public, but you might need to order a beer.

Great. I like the idea

Yes, yes, public or private, even pay for drink is all good for me !
As long as it is safe and legal, lol

Second the The Landis Taichung lounge
No. 532號, Yingcai Road

What view?! The air pollution is so bad you can’t see that far anyway… :frowning:

Look on the bright side. If the air pollution weren’t so bad you’d be able to see Taichung.

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They try to claim this has a good view but the only have a couple windows so few people can actually see out.

Moonight - Rooftop Bar
407, Taichung City, Xitun District, Shizheng Road, 77號