Any trusted eye clinics you know of?

Eyes have been itchy and red lately. Went to a place by my work, they just said it was dust irratation and gave me eye droplets and that was it. Didn’t do any thorough examines. Eyes still bugging me. Does anyone know of a trusted and competent eye clinic in Taipei? Thanks for any replies in advance.

Yes… as we are so alien to the lovely filth that they call air, it is not uncommon to get irritated eyes.

Last time I had this I went a place on Ba De Rd near the back of the RT-Mart where the old bus depot is near FuXing N Rd.

Gave me two different drops, one to use when it’s very itchy and unbearable. The other to use long term to keep the irritations away.

No. 245-2 Sec 2 Ba De Rd