Any update on Chocolate vs ICRT?

Hello. I just got back from overseas recently and was wondering what the latest development is concerning (former?) ICRT DJ Chocolate. Exactly what happened over there – I heard management was unhappy with his inviting guest DJs over – is this the whole story? Thanks, Nate

I know more but it is x-rated…hint hint…

Oh! So the whole story about breaking procedures was all just a cover?!

Not sure, actually no one reallys knows the real story, a lot of rumors out there. Supposedly he was eating and having friends over. There is a camera there though and people think that he was caught on tape in a compromising position. The official report was something silly like. let go for having food int he booth or something like that.

I know a lot of people that work at ICRT so this is what I heard.

Did it ever occur to anyone that “Chocolate” was just a horrible and irritating DJ? Perhaps his condescending nature and limp-wristed banter was not exactly endearing to most listeners.

If that were the only reason he got canned then ICRT wouldn’t have any DJs left.

The official reason was that he spoke too much Chinese in his shows. I have seen him on TV a few times, he is in one of the local shows where they go to abandoned houses at night and pretend to see and get ghosts on film. Last time he was (pretending, I guess) hearing voices of women and was all disturbed, like he was possessed or something. I think this programme is on every Saturday night. Chocolate used to be a good friend of mine, but that’s another story.

Yes, I can imagine that Chocolate would be disturbed by women…
Notice how no one from ICRT ever responds to anything? Must be in their contracts.

Again, if speaking too much Chinese were the reason, half the DJ’s at ICRT would be canned. Dennis, Joe, Diva and many others would be gone as well.
Of course, if you said “Speaking too much bad Chinese”, then, well, I could see that. But then they’d have to be fair and fire the remaining DJs for speaking bad English.

You’re right. However, I think that was just an excuse to get rid of him!

I heard he had like a party in the studio. Even had someone there with him. Something was caught on tape or something like that.

In the end, these things usually boil down to someone just, plain not liking someone else, regardless of the competency of any of the involved parties. DJing is not an exact science, so there’s plenty of room to come up with things that are ‘wrong’ with someone’s performance.
I have no idea what the situation is at ICRT, but if it’s like most offices, cubicle politics reigns supreme. Someone didn’t like Charles. That someone had the power to get rid of him, and so they did.
Whether Charles did not measure up as a DJ or not is another issue, and we’ll probably never know anything more than “I heard” rumors, but considering the average quality of the DJs at ICRT, it’s hard to believe such an argument.
Personally, I liked a lot of the music Chocolate played, but his personality was a bit irritating and his Chinese really did grate on the ear. Then again, my ear is easily grated.

I know Charles and the DJ he invited on air. It was a fairly personal thing from what I gather.