Any vegetarian buffet around 228 park?

Does anyone know if there is a vegetarian buffet-style restaurant near 228 Park?


There’s quite a few around there, but I forget the exact locations, as I haven’t been there in a while. What’s the name of the street that Tai Da hospital is on? I think it’s Gong Yuan Lu. Head up that street towards the railway station and you’ll soon see a pay by weight place on the right (OK it was there a year ago).

A cheaper one tht was still there 6 months ago (I think about 80NT all you can eat) is on a corner nearby. Walk along the street tht forms the northern border of the park and it’s across form the park about a block west of the park up on the second floor.

OK, sorry those directions aren’t too great but look around and hopefully you’ll find them.

Somewhere I’ve got a list in Chinese of about 400 vegetarian restaurants in Taipei. I’m going to try and translate it sometime.


if you go up nanyang (that’s the pinyin at least) on the northside, turn left at the post office, on your left you’ll see a sign that will point you into an alley. really good veggie meat. but it’s not a buffet. oops. KEVIN

Thanks for your responses. I also found a vegetarian cafeteria across from a temple on Wuchang between Chungking and Po-ai Rd.

On the other hand, you could turn right at the post office/Watson’s. About half way down that street on the left-hand (north) side of the street, there is a vegetarian place in a basement. It used to be a buffet, now they do things like vegeburgers.