Any vegetarian going to the gym in Taiwan? What is your diet?


I don’t expect many replies but you never know :slight_smile:
As the title says, I am trying to be regular with my gym (trying to :smiley: )
As a vegetarian, I still eat eggs, and can drink cow milk too (but do it very occasionally)
I also eat plenty of black beans, I am bored with it, and of course tofu… oats, almonds, fruits, veggies. etc …
If anyone is in the same case as me here, would be nice to share some ideas of meals. I am a bit bored to always eat the same thing…
Thanks in advance.


@Andrew0409 might be able to help


I have gone full vegan to cut weight, not for veganism’s sake but I wanted to see if I could lose body fat and keep muscle trainning 3-5 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

Can I ask what your stats are, height, weight, possibly accurate body fat% from a machine and goals?

It can be done, there are many vegan/vegetarian bodybuilders and athletes


There are other legumes which lend themselves better to a variety of tasty dishes such as lentils (small red variety) and chickpeas, both of which are readily available in Taiwan. Then there is sesame paste, great on bread, noodles, etc. Sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, taste great lightly roasted in the pan. Buckwheat and millet, to have a break from rice. Wholewheat pasta, soba noodles, and on the list goes.


Not currently going to the gym, but getting cardio and kettlebell exercise.
I’m a newbie vegan who doesn’t eat cows milk or eggs directly, but do have the odd craving for a piece of fish lol.
In the past 2 weeks I’ve lost half a stone (3kg) from 87kg to 84kg. Mostly just been eating fruit and vegetable salads, and putting hummus on everything. Might make a broccoli soup on the weekend.


@schwarzwald Hi.
Lentils is great yes, I am already eating pumpkin seeds (not the most convenient but it is ok), thanks for your advice!

@Andrew0409 Hi Andrew.
I know it can be done, there are even bodybuilders who are vegan, but I am not too keen on drinking too many vegan protein shakes. What are some of the typical meals you have in Taiwan?
My goal is mainly to stay at the same current weight (80 kg) I am 85 cm tall, but indeed, I would like to lose fat. Last time I checked I was at 17% which is high considering my height/weight ratio.
The goal is just to feel fit, strong without being too big (as I said, 80-82kg is fine).

(by the way, I did not turn vegetarian to lose weight or fat, it is been a year and a half now I did not meat, sometimes I feel a bit weak but maybe I should eat more). Thanks for your help Andrew.

PS: this topic is mainly about being vegetarian and doing sport in Taiwan. if I was in my country I would know where to go and what to consume. :slight_smile: for instance, tofu I find in my country (bio) has twice to protein it has here. Also I can’t find any cow milk here with 0% fat, which is easy to find back home.


Well first i’d drop milk. Get a protein shake for in between meals, i like to mix peanut butter or fruits in it.

if you just want to be 80kg, you don’t need as much protein like I do. Dropping fat will mostly have to do with lowering calories. Don’t do

As for food, fruits and veggies are always good, I make protein fruit bowels with berries and protein powder in it.

Quinoa mixed with brown rice is good, some carbs for energy for your workout, quinoa has a fair amount of protein but taste bad on it’s own so i mix it with brown rice in the rice cooker and eat veggies with it. Def. make dishes with veggies and eggs mixed.


One more thing, I would stay away from the many types of vegetarian “meats” local vegans eat, such as vegetarian ham, burgers, etc. They are usually made with hydrolyzed soy protein, a heavily processed product that contains harmful chemicals. Stick to real foods.