Any way to get my cat to quieten down?

Yes, my beloved cat has over the last few days been getting noisier and noisier standing by the door wanting to get let out. When we let her out into the hallway she’ll cry a bit more. It’s causing a few problems with the neighbours who obviously want some peace. She’s already been going for about 45mins! How can I get her to stop crying so much?

She has been neutered, we play with her a lot and her feeding routine is regular… Any ideas?

Try Bach or Mozart.
Or a water pistol.

A burlap sack, a large rock, and a river or pond should do the trick.

Just don’t do what this guy did.

Even “fixed” cats can still come into estrus (estris?) sometimes if they have their ovaries, or at least I’ve heard that. Maybe not true estri(u)s, but they’ve still got the glandular functions, or some such. There is a solution I can think of that might help. I read it in a cat care book once. It involves a q-tip. I really don’t want to explain what you’re supposed to DO with the q-tip.

Other than this, I guess I’d try a toy heavily laced with cat nip. It’s like pot for cats and it either has a very calming effect or it makes them kinda wildy nuts for an hour or so and then they crash.

Please, no bricks, burlap, or what have you. Maybe you could get her a friend if she’s lonley. Get a pet for your pet, especially if your pet is alone a lot.

Shit, we should have asked housecat all along.
Though, the water pistol is the other side of that very same coin.

yep… we have plenty of catnip around. She goes really mad for it, rolling around in it and whatnot. She’s actually one of two cats we have, the other is no problem at all. And as say, we play with her a lot. Water pistol eh?

Well, she was quiet for about 20mins… now the howling has begun again :help:

Catnip definitely works for my cats.
How old is she? Has she just reached horny age? If not, why would she suddenly be affected by it? It could be a health problem like a hairball.
My Violet used to have a balcony that she could go out on to eat grass if she wants to puke out a hairball. Now with snakes and stray cats I can’t let her out anymore. Every now and then she screams at the doors and windows. Then I just go out and get her some grass and she’s quiet again for a month. There are also some stuff you can buy at a pet store to feed them to avoid hairballs, but I prefer good old grass.
And I agree with trying the Q-tip thing. Have read about it many times, and it seems to do the trick, or so I hear.

Our cat Maya occasionally starts up like this too, and no amount of attention or feeding will quiet her. It’s periodic, kinda like heat. Our vet explained that she might still have her ovaries or part of them, so she might still be subject to hormonal cycles, and that one needs to trick her into thinking she has fulfilled her needs. The trick is, yes, a lubricated Q-tip (cotton-tipped swab). Insert, and give a quick poke (one poke will do). If you don’t want to do it, take her to the vet for it. We’ve had this service done twice and it seems to work.

I know guys
(Irishstu, the chief)
that will do it for free. Heck, you could probably charge them. :smiley:


My god, am I ever glad we have male cats in our apartment.

Off topic, but doesn’t neutering refer to the removal of testicles?

Off topic, but doesn’t neutering refer to the removal of testicles?[/quote]

American Heritage Dictionary:
Inflected forms: neu·tered, neu·ter·ing, neu·ters

To castrate or spay.

If it’s caused by er… ladies’ hormones, she will stick her back end in the air.

Dont make me bring out my pistol of water!

In theory, but sometimes it’s not so obvious.

I also had a situation with my first cat. She was desexed but would still go into heat and start “howling”. I could not understand what was going on and lost many nights of sleep. I consulted the vet who operated on her and he said that her hormones still needs to settle. He said it might take a few months and also suggested the q-tip solution (which I never tried). I consulted a different vet who said I should just bring her in for a hormone injection. It did the trick. This was back in the days (about 7 years ago) in Chung Ho. She continued on these hormone injections every 6 months.

Then I moved to Tienmu and could not get hold of the hormone injection in the area. I went to different vets. I started to do some reading about the issue and found out that the problem might be that all of the ovarian tissue might not have been removed. What needs to be done in such a situation is - exploratory surgery to see if there is still ovarian tissue left over.

With my “new found knowledge” I went to 3 vets in Tienmu. I did not tell them what I had learned but instead just explained to them that my desexed cat continues to go into heat. One of the 3 suggested what I mentioned before - exploratory surgery. I made an appointment for the operation and watched as they removed the rest of the ovarian tissue. The vet who did the original desex op did not do a very good job :frowning:
I was also surprised that the other 2 vets did not know or mention the possibility of left over ovarian tissue and exploratory surgery.

I sleep very well now.

Salmon fillets work well with my Valerie.


My god, am I ever glad we have male cats in our apartment.[/quote]
I second that :astonished:

I was thinking of getting a cat recently. This certainly wasn’t in the brochure!

Salmon is one fine fish! Your cat must love you big time.

:laughing: Just make sure you get a good vet, and let them know that you want them to be very sure to get all of the ovaries when they spay her.