Anybody doing I Ching research?

I am working on my third tranlation of the I-ching.

I am looking specifically at the relationship the Ba Gua, both the Fu Xing and the Wen Wang, have with the etomology in the I-Ching.

This relationship will then lead to a comparative relationship that each trigram has with each other trigram based on the information in the I-Ching. Kind of like an I-Ching horoscope.

Any input on this project will be more than welcome.

My wife studied this book for many years with a “Master” who lived in XinDian, and who was a real scholar.

There are a lot of books of commentary in the bookstores . . . . . wouldn’t those tell you everything you need to know??

I already have 3 texts in Chinese and three in English. I am not a fortune teller, but a scholar, so I avoid texts about fortune telling.

my reading list includes:
I Ching, The Book of Changes; Thomas Cleary: This book is good for new beginners, I do not recommend it for real research.
I Ching, The Oracle; Kerson Huang: A great book for an anthropological historical perspective.
The I Ching, An Illustrated Guide to the Chinese Art of Divination; Koh Kok Kiang: This is my favorite English text. Don’t let the Comic Book fisade fool you.
讀易經的方法學; 東方橋: Also great for new beginners. I use the book to help confirm or deny any new findings or opinions.
周易本義; 宋朱熹: Great for intermediate reading. This book helped me find the story in the I Ching.
The Principles of the Yijing; Tony Wang: Gives advanced knoweldge of the I Ching. This book assumes you already know the I Ching. My primary research is coming from this book at the moment.

I am lookng for a partner that I can share ideas and opinions with.

I mentioned this to my girlfriend, and she said that there must be various courses taught in temples and other places about this. You should brainstorm with a Chinese friend about how to locate the advertisements or announcements for those courses. You could ask around as well.

Attending one of those courses, or a related lecture series, might be the best way to find persons with similar interests.