Anybody else with Teco reverse cycle AC heating problems

I have one friend who is also the owner of a TECO split system reverse cycle AC.

His is split between useful and useless the same as mine and his had multiple calls from TECO same as me before the warranty ran out.

What I am looking for is a big enough group to put some pressure on these bastards.

If you check energy cost then these type of systems do really well when working correctly. My mother has had the same unit work great for 2 decades.

It just seems that TECO are selling to the local population who have no idea how these things should work and the locals are not complaining. Also, based on my household as an example its standard to just freeze in winter and put up with it. (I am not thriilled about this approach and have been colder here than anytime since I was a small boy camping without good gear)

Mine works if I leave it on max of 31 degrees for a few hours. It then starts to blow cold air. I am pretty damn sure the temperature control is being warmed up internally and tricking the system.

So, if anybody has experience with these please let me know.