Anybody get CNBC?

I heard you can get the CNBC channel here, but I can’t seem to find it among my cable channels. I just really want to watch the Leno/Conan talk shows. I live in downtown taipei and my cable carrier is called Da-An or somethin. If anybody knows how to get CNBC please reply thanks.

Late at night, around 2 am. Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian and David Letterman. And Jerry Springer sometimes too.

Uhh…Yes. But that doesn’t help much. Please tell me the channel number. Or what they show earlier in the evening, so I know which channel you’re talking about. Also , please tell me how you got that channel. which cable company. thanks.

Hi there, you can see my post on the following thread. I get CNBC and CNNFN, Bloomberg and many other financial news channels.


Ah, so I need a satellite to get CNBC?
I get StarWorld but not CNBC for some reason.
That’s strange, I’ve heard that you can get CNBC, FOX, and all the other English channels from regular cable.

I guess my cable company just doesn’t carry those channels? Would buying one of those set-up boxes help?


I have heard of people getting CNBC and Star World via cable TV in Taiwan, but never heard anyone getting FOX news.