Anybody near Adventist Hospital?

This a cross-post from Tealit:

Can anyone help my sister?

My sister had to go for emergency surgury in Taipei. She is there right now and she’s alll alone. Are there any programs through tesol or tealit that can help? We don’t want her to be by herself and we have no way of knowing how she’s doing. Please email me: if you know anyone or anything that can help right away. [/quote]

The girl’s name is Amber, room 518 in Adventist Hospital. Apparently several people have gone over, but if anybody’s in the area and can bring some food, etc. over, I’m sure it would be appreciated.


I wonder what kind of emergency surgery it was? Abortion? Ingrown toenail? Lung resection? You’d kind of think that was relevant info to post so at least the poor wittle illegal English teacher would get the right kind of sympathizers huddled around her bed.
I don’t think I’ve seen such a fuss on the Internet since the WTC attacks. Bring her food? Anybody would think she’s holed up in a jail in Pakistan. It’s only one of the most prestigious hospitals in Taiwan for christ’s sake! On the other hand, she doesn’t have NHI cover … maybe she order out from Burger King across the street. :unamused:

Remind us to bring you comfort and cheer when YOU need it, Monkey. :imp:

OK maybe that was a tad heartless, but i suppose there will be lessons learned here. A kidney stone … you gotta be kidding me?

Hey, it could happen. Having a visa doesn’t make you exempt from health problems, or vice-versa. Anyway, I used to work at Taipei Medical College Hospital, and believe me, I’d want a whole regiment of foreigners going in and out, bringing me all kinds of stuff, if I were confined there. I’ve heard a lot of stories from Chinese friends about the awful things that happened to their relatives in hospitals, although maybe some of them are a tad exaggerated??? Anyway, sharing the odd packet of crisps won’t hurt, right?

Monkey, you obviously DONT’ GET IT.
She is IN PAIN and SCARED!!!
Don’t you GET THAT??

Ever been in severe pain?
Ever felt SCARED and ALONE???

She is (was) ALONE and IN PAIN!


She’s only 20 years old, for God’s sake.
Have some humanity, and some sympathy.
Thank you.

Ironlady, I want to thank you for your kindness and support.
You helped me when I needed it.
(I am “Will”)
I’m sure Amber and her family deeply appreciate your (our) help.
She had had surgery for internal bleeding.
She was scared and in pain.
I visited her last night around 10p.
She seems to be doing a bit better.
She is getting her pain meds, and a bit of light food.
I think she is probably very grateful for our thoughts and visits.

Sorry I can’t really follow: she is a foreigner and all alone here or what is the reason behind all this?

Anything in particular she needs as I am just a few hundred meters away from the Hospital.