Anybody with Toddlers in Taoyuan?

My lad is just turning two and I reckon it wouldn’t hurt if he hung out a bit with kids around his age. At present he plays a bit with older kids and likes running about with his mom and dad, but doesn’t like strangers at all. I am of the opinion that this is a pretty normal and healthy defense mechanism for a little boy, especially when most strangers try to grab him and pinch his cheeks. Anyway, if there is anyone in the Taoyuan area who is interested in hanging out in a park or walking about with their kiddos, let me know. I am from the states and have been here for a few years. My wife is Taiwanese from Fengyuan in Taichung.

I’m not in Taoyuan but we’ve just started taking our 1 year old to where he gets to play with other kids his own age. Not sure if they have a branch in Taoyuan, but, there is one Taipei and Hschinchu.