Anyone attending ICLP 2006-07 (or other Mandarin programs)?

Hi folks,

I’m pretty excited to be coming to Taiwan to study Mandarin at ICLP’s 2006-07 Academic Year Program this fall. I realize its a few months away, but I’d like to avoid the “new kid” feeling by getting to know other classmates who will be coming to Taiwan this fall… or actually any Mandarin students (be it NTNU or other).

I’d just rather not get lost in a foreign country alone. :slight_smile:

Hi there.

I’ve been lurking here for a little while, but I am in the same boat as you so I figured I might as well register now. I haven’t decided if I will be going to NTNU, NTU, or NCCU, but I am leaning towards NTNU right now. Perhaps we will be classmates some day! Though this forum is making me quite nervous about maintaining the 85% avg… I am doing quite poorly in my current Chinese class!!

I have also applied to ICLP for the 2006-7 school year. Have you already heard back from them? I turned in my letter of intent kind of late. I’ve lived in Taiwan for six years now and I can tell you it’s much better now than it was when I first got here. You’ll enjoy your stay. Take care.

I heard back from the ICLP on … hm. the 15th of May? A while ago. The date to turn in your intent to attend is today.

I’m currently in Taipei (have been downstairs at the CLD of TaiDa since March) & came to Taiwan with the sole purpose of going to the ICLP, so it was a huge relief to get my acceptance email!

My laoshi this semester formerly taught at the ICLP (I love her methodology) & I’m getting pretty excited about having 20 hours a week of class instead of 10.

I’ve been here nearly 4 months and I still feel lost on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to getting into the groove at the ICLP, from what I’ve seen they’re a lot more tight knit than we are at the CLD (which makes sense, since they’re in class twice as much as we are, to say nothing of the time spent outside of class).

evnv, I have heard good things about NTNU. Regardless of the school, I’m sure we may bump into each other. Maybe at a forumosa gathering :slight_smile:

netrealist, I received a confirmation email on May 16. I turned in my letter of intent as well, but never received anything after. So I assume no news is good news.

bafooz, I hope the classmates will be tight knit as well. Judging by the past photos I’m guessing there are 30-40 students a year. Unfortunately I won’t be in Taipei until early Sept. But I have a few friends who would be able show you around should you be interested.

I’m glad some ICLP students have replied. For awhile I thought I may have been the only one.

Oh no, I didn’t mean lost as in physically lost. :wink: I have a good friend who lives here & she really helped me get my bearings and get set up. This is my first time actually living in a “real” city, my Chinese was practically non-existant upon arrival, and I just sort of feel like I got thrown off the deep end. :laughing:

They do seem pretty close knit at the ICLP, and my professor who attended said the same thing - I’m looking forward to a different environment, from what I’ve seen being one floor down.

Just want to say thanks to you guys for letting me know that you had received your notification of accpetance to ICLP already. I emailed ICLP and the secretary apologized. It seems my application was received but then fell behind a desk or something. I got notified that I was accepted yesterday. See you guys in fall!