Anyone been to cuba?

anyone been to cuba? got any any advice for a yank on how to manage it?

I spent the best part of a month travelling across the island by bicycle and rental car. What do you want to know?

If you’re an American, you have to get a travel license from the US government to travel to Cuba. Traveling to Cuba on a US passport without one risks prosecution.

“At the behest of right-wing Cuban exiles who are central to Florida politics, the administration has tightened the screws of the embargo, making it much more difficult for Americans to obtain licenses to visit Cuba and reducing the frequency of permitted family visits by Cuban-Americans to once every three years. Americans who go illegally are now sometimes prosecuted…”

God Bless America and those crazy Bastista Cubans in Miami.

Or you can just enter via a non-US port, ie. Mexixo, Canada, the Bahamas.

I have several times. But it was in the 1956-'57 era and I was a mere kid travelling with my Pop on his business. So al I remember was great hotels and ladies who smelled real nice.

Here is a website with some surrent info -

Spent 3 weeks there in 1999. Well worth the trip.