Anyone been to Tokyo?

hi all,
just wondering if anyone has visited tokyo…if so,where would be the cheapest place to stay…how much would it cost…any places to recommend seeing/visiting?

Get the “Lonely Planet” for Japan, it should be available at larger bookstores. But forget anything “cheap” in Tokyo, there are only “reasonable” places…

Yea, get the book. You can do a google and find alot of cheap guest houses. Expect to pay between 3,500~5,000 Yen. Tokyo is still expensive, but much more resonable than 5 years ago, due to deflation.

Skip the LP Japan edition and just get the one for Tokyo. Unfortunately, their restaraunt and hotel info isn’t very good. They update sporadically. My advice is stay outside of Tokyo in one of the suburbs. Do a google search for hostels but be warned, the prices are still high.

From everthing I have heard, this is THE cheapest place in Tokyo. Very clean with choice of western or Japanese style rooms. Very helpful staff.

Actually, I’m from there.
I can’t say much about places to stay, but for places to visit, it really depends on what your interests are.

1.Asakusa-represents what old Tokyo was like. famous temple, traditional stores, definitely worth going.
2.Omotesando&Harajuku-fashion streets for young people. You’ll be able to see the trends of young people in Japan.
3. Ginza-fashion streets for more older people.
4. Roppongi-many clubs, bars, many foreigners.
5. Akihabara-“Electric Town.” if you wanna buy any electrial applicances, this is the place to go.
6.Shinjuku-Tall buildings, departments stores, the Tokyo Metropolitan government office, etc. Very crowded.
7. Ebisu, Shibuya, Ikebukuro-another places for shopping, etc.
8. Odaiba area: another trendy spot

One day trip to Kamakura(about 1hr by train from Tokyo) would be really nice if you are into temples and traditional Japanese stuff. I definitely recommend you to get off at Kitakamakura, (one stop before Kamakura) and walk to Kamakura.

I just checked out the website for the Newkoyo hotel listed above. I was shocked! When I lived near Tokyo you coundn’t sleep on a park bench for 2500 yen. I can guarantee you won’t find anything cheaper. Now if they’d just open a branch in Kyoto …

I saw a book earlier this evening at the book sale at the Dunhua South Road Eslite store (B2). It’s called Tokyo for Free, though of course it doesn’t cover lodging and is not free itself. Normally it runs about NT$950; but it’s on sale for around NT$500. Check the travel books on the table ahead and slightly to the right after you go into the B2 sale area.

When I went to Tokyo, I stayed in the Sawanoya ryokan, near Ueno Park. A nice enough place, though not exactly budget. It’s the high food prices in Tokyo that really got to me, though. :shock: But what a wonderful revelation I experienced in having real miso soup. Mmmm.

Ueno Park was a nice place to walk around in, but the main museum in it was a disappointment.

yoyogi koen–free

hahaha…thats what i was cosiderating before–to sleep on some bench when visiting tokyo!'cuz i didnt think i would be able to afford staying at a hotel…but i found that site that chainsmoker mentioned…and was shocked…its cheaper than the hotels here.the hotels here…like the ones u find in alleys…go for 1300nt or so a…has anyone been to that hotel that chainsmoker mentioned?is it hard to get a room there 'cuz its so cheap?

When I stayed there, it wasn’t hard to get a room, but I would definitely make a reservation. A lot of people stay there long term, so it may be harder now. The place is clean and has decent rooms, friendly staff, and abeer machine. Of course it’s cramped, but it is Tokyo after all. I would get a Japanese room if you have a choice.

i was wondering if anyone knows any way to save money while visiting tokyo that 1st timers would probably not realize…such as the alternative of taking the bus instead of the subway to get out of the airport in H.K…thanks.

You can take the bus from the airport outside of Tokyo too. To save money when travelling around, I always ate at the 7-11-type stores and brought my own water in bottles that I filled at home. You can take the bus everywhere, it’s just slower. But if you take the Shinkansen, it’s actually more expensive that just flying out of the country!

For electronics, get stuff at Akhibarra. The prices were cheaper because all the shops are in one location so they have to compete with each other a little bit. Enjoy your time there!

Believe it or not, the bus is actually more expensive than the train. Accommodation is ridiculously expensive but as some of the other posters pointed out, you can find some bargains. A park bench is an option is you have a sleeping bag and if you’re a guy, it isn’t hard to find a chick who will let you crash at her place. I suppose the same would apply to a girl, although not being a girl, I can’t say for sure. Getting around Tokyo is relatively cheap is you buy an all-day ticket. It allows you to go anywhere on the Yamanote line as well as the lines criss-crossing it. Food can be had fairly cheaply in convenience stores or McDonalds. There’s a publication there that is for foreigners living there that sometimes has useful information and lists phone numbers for gaijin houses (foreigner hotels). It used to be called Tokyo Classified (now Metropolis). I think their website is

I clearly studied the wrong language…

In answer to the original question, “Has anyone been to Tokyo?” The answer is ‘Yes’. However, I have never been there. Hope that helps. :laughing:

thats pretty weird how taking the bus will be more expensive than taking the buying electronics there cheaper than buying it in taipei?is the shinkanshen the name of the train/subway?..about the article from the link…its not a lie when people say japanese people are the horniest!

AFAIK the shinkansen is the Bullet Train.