Anyone else ever gotten screwed by the foreign affairs office?

Not sure what forum to post this in - I thought there was a legal forum. Anyway, Two weeks ago I went to the foreign affairs office to make the final step to getting my ARC. I had never done it on my own, so I was a little confused - after I paid the cashier, I brought the woman at window #31 my receipts. SHE TOOK BOTH OF THEM! I thought she was supposed to give me one of them, but she kept saying “hao le hao le” so I just assumed everything was fine. I came back the next week and they hassled me about the receipt which I never got. They looked everywhere for the passport. No luck. They told me to come back in a few days. It’s been two weeks. Way past the 7 working day period. They can’t find the passport and now they’re saying they have no record of me EVER GIVING THEM THE PASSPORT!!! My boss -called - nothing. We’re both rip shit. They must have a record of me paying that 5000 NT or whatever it was!!! What is this shit?! I’ve already passed the visitor’s visa expiration date, but I assumed everything would be fine because the government had my passport! My boss and I are going to the AIT to explain the situation, but right now the Foreign Affairs office has put up a solid brick wall of “mei you bang fa.” They’re experts at that.

All I can do is walk around the streets muttering to myself and kicking trashcans. Any advice, soothing words?

You need to get the AIT to help you. That’s your only hope. No point in going back to the FAP - you will have to make a written complaint with the help of the AIT.

This may be some useless advice but… never buy, give, or lend anything without a receipt…

Verbal agreements or assurances, not worth the paper its written on

If it matters, the Foreign Affairs office is rigged up with about 10 cameras, so I’m sure your transaction would have been caught.

Good luck trying to plead the voice of reason, however, now that “face” is involved…