Anyone else get annoyed with ridiculous offers selling things online?

I’ve been selling some items that I got and never used. Some of them cost about 5-6k nt new. I typically list them for about 3-4K. And I get these crazy low offers like 1-2k. People are so cheap in taiwan it annoys me sometimes.

The problem is that there is not much of a used market. Honestly when I see how folks here treat stuff (including clothes, machines, etc) I get why people are skeptical. In my dreams though there’d be more options to buy quality used goods. Often they are way better than cheap ass new stuff anyways!


If it’s a foreign brand that they like it will hold its value really well
Apple phones, Toyotas, even Ikea furniture.m

I’m selling mostly basketball shoes. Brand names and really nice stuff like Jordans. How can they think a brand new Jordan unused that sold for like 6k I would consider 1k or something ridiculous like that. I get offer low, but some of it is like I can’t even take it seriously.

Maybe 2nd hand shoes aren’t a thing in Taiwan…I can see why :slight_smile:

no they are brand new, unfortunately my knee and ankle injuries prevent me from playing much so I have a bunch that I just kind of left sitting on the shelf. I used to have a bunch I would wear and collect for each night as a hobby, but now i’m like a grandpa with my knees.

Also lots of knockoffs–this affects what you’re selling, even though you have genuine goods. Honestly I’d take the low offer unless you are ready to try eBay to reach a wider market.


They probably think you wore then before and lied.
Low trust society Taiwan. Maybe your shoe size is bigger than a problem too.

Yes–what Brian said.


I provide receipt with the exact item listed from the US. One guy was like why was this made in vietnam if I bought it in the US and insisted Jordan had factories in the US…

The typical Saturday night conversation about second had shoes :smiley:

Anyway… where can I find a second had yogurt maker? the thermometer I used for keeping the water within the temperature range I want when making yogurt is fucked up and I’m tired of having to check every 15 minutes anyway… so I’m willing to invest A BIT of money in something that keeps the temperature constant…

Sorry for the OT.

I guess, but i provide lots of clear and close up pictures. It would be very clear if i’ve been wearing them. Maybe I should just give in and take these offers as at least someone is using them and it doesn’t take up some much closet space for shit I keep buying and don’t need. It’s not really about the money, it’s more like i’m a bit offended and annoyed they come in so low. I would rather give them to a friend for free to be honest than sell to a cheap ass.

man i think the opposite. i’m joined to a facebook group which is mostly people moving house or leaving taiwan trying to get rid of all their stuff. quite often people are trying to flog spoons and cups and tat like that, why not just give away that old rubbish? cheeky.

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Its a funny thing is when others don’t value what you spent on something . Some stores tried to lowball me on an iPhone sale but I had it sold within the week because it’s an iPhone and I went a bit below market price and there’s a massive market for apple stuff.
I wanted to sell it quick but just couldn’t bare to be lowballed by the stores.

With the shoes it looks like there’s not a liquid market here so just get rid of them for cheap here or else sell in another country .

Branded stuff that Taiwanese like usually sells at a really nice price (but not luxury goods…Talking middle class products here) but it’s probably cos 2nd clothes and shoes are not a thing here.

Ive looked at second hand Toyotas and the dealers never negotiate as there is always another guy along who will ask for a toyota!

I don’t think Taiwanese are much into second hand goods. Even something “new” not sold from a store would be considered “used” and worth much less. And as someone pointed out, the buyer has no way to know if it’s a bootleg or not.

You might have better luck if you prove you bought it online.

For kids branded products, like car seats, Ikea, apple, Toyota …believe me they hold their value very well.
I sold a used mattress for 1000 cos it was an Ikea mattress haha.

Off topic, but of interest: a fascinating piece in today’s Japan Times by journalist/junk specialist Adam Minter on the development of a market in SE Asia for used Japanese goods:

If these guys set up shop here, I’d be delighted.


EDIT: I saw that the Taipei Times also printed this piece in today’s paper. Perhaps there is hope!

" sold a used mattress for 1000"

And I thought I seen it all.


It’s possible if it’s clean. You could do that if you kept the original plastic covering on it or covered it very well so it didn’t get dirty.