Anyone else get annoyed with ridiculous offers selling things online?

Story from about 7 yrs ago.
Bought a 90cc scooter, overpaid for it $8000 but it was very reliable. Heading home, put it for sale for $3000 which for a working scooter is reasonable

Guy said he was interested , asked me to bring it so he and his gf could test drive it , asked me when I was leaving Taiwan… me not being very smart told him. He said he would think about it.

Night before I left he texted, ill give you $1000. I said i put new tires on it a month ago for $1200, he said, well, you are leaving tomorrow, so take it or leave it and get nothing.

I said I’d rather junk it then sell it to an obvious snake. Ended up parking it somewhere and it must have got towed because when I returned it was gone. Didn’t care though.

Agree. I don’t see any problem with it.
I’ve bought and sold used mattress without issues. It’s totally possible if the mattresses are in good condition.

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I use a rice cooker that makes yogurt was like 3k

Why don’t you just wear them as like normal walking shoes on the weekend? A shoe is still a shoe.

The second hand market really really sucks. I feel you.

I’m not sure where you’re selling or who’s low balling you, but there’s a particular group on FB where you constantly get low balled by a particular ethnic group. So, I would suggest you refrain from selling on there. It will only get you riled up.

If you’re selling to locals, it’s a different story. They may automatically assume what you’re selling them is a fake because you have no history of selling those items. Places like ruten, shopee or other C2C apps/websites have rating systems for sellers (and buyers) and they’re pretty useful.

In your current situation, I would suggest trying to sell directly to sneaker stores, if you don’t care too too much about the price, but want to let them go, that’s a good place to start. Some of them live and breath sneakers, so make sure you got your facts right before going in. They may try to drag down the price, but that’s because they have to re-sell.

Mind to share which one?

Taipei buy, sell and trade.

I’ve had my fair run ins with people low balling, changing the terms of money transfer and meet up location.

I helped the gf sell her mattress for 400-500NT last year and the dude was under the impression that the price included delivery. When it’s clearly stated in the ad that there was no delivery. I wasted an entire afternoon talking to this guy and he ended up not coming.

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Got some things for sale on fb.
The non heavy things will be going on ebay soon I think.

Regarding the link from Japan. I have bought a few things from Japan. I know a local woman that can make the order including shipping for a cheap price (and she speaks English). You tell her what you want, pay her, she will bid or buy and you pick it up from her when it arrives. Sending surface is around a month from Japan.

My point was Ikea mattress got special interest, even though their mattresses really aren’t very good!

yes I wanted to say this but didn’t want to seem racist

They are not a race.

I mean, it is what it is. I understand they may be on a budget and there’s definitely a cultural difference, but the ad states my terms.

I feel like selling on that group is almost a right of passage to actually living in Taipei. Don’t let them get to you, keep calm and move on.

I also sold a phone recently and a guy tried to negotiate right to the last hour which pissed me off.
Also wanted COD which is a no no.

I said I told you three times already, don’t ask me again!
You have to be reallly firm.

I gave them a good price, take it or leave it, he knew he was getting a good deal so…

But yeah I know exactly what countrys citizens…if they want to spend most of a month’s salary on a phone well that’s their business.

To be fair the Taiwan second hand stores offers were derisory so was willing to sell directly and make 3000 ntd more and was happy in the end.

I wonder what nationality you guys are talking about… Pinos? Vietnamese? Thai? Chinese? Just curious.

Sir, sir, last price sir.


Yes sir.

And I get these for some reason…

And people who just want to waste time…

Errrr Indian?

You can explicitly state the price and someone will still ask you what your “last price” is.

If I want to sell something for 3000 I literally list it for 6000 and then we negotiate lol. Problem is, sometimes that item can be bought new for 5500 and then you look like a dick cos you’re trying to counter the dick moves of other people offering you 1500.

Quite strange that many locals try to sell their 2nd hand products for a stupid price not far off the new price (well they do for musical equipment).
Why would I buy something 2nd hand for say 10% cheaper that new when I can buy new and get a guarantee should it break down/malfunction?