Anyone else getting captchas when they do a Google search?

Why do you think we don’t on either counts already ?

Yeah. There should be no snooping without a warrant.

That’s why we used generators in old farm homes for large operations.

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And this is WHY Hinet is being blocked from the rest of the world. . . . Seriously, how incapable are you of understanding this simple fact?

I regularly use one of the websites that has been getting DDOSed from the botnet that is running on Hinet’s network. I’ve been blocked from it for most of the last two weeks. I finally got a message through to one of the administrators, who changed their Cloudflare settings so that I could use the site for a few days, but the DDOSing has started again and I’ve been blocked for the last two.

It’s not some theoretical “oh two professors on the entire planet use botnets legitimately therefore network security is a bad thing”. 99.9999999% of botnets are scumbags attacking websites. You are still going to be able to download your child pornography even if Hinet bothers to secure its network.

What site is blocked? I’ve never encountered a site blocked for anything other than geoblocking.