Anyone else going to NCTU in the fall 2012?

Not sure if this is the right spot in the forums for this, feel free to move it. But ya, if anyone is going there in the fall or has been there already I’d love to hear some details or plan some social outings. I like to plan ahead a lot… Thanks

Yes !

Anyone going in fall of 2013?

Also how were your experiences in 2012 ?

I go to NCTU.

Though I can’t speak for the experiences of foreign students. I do have an Indian lab mate. I think the school and foreign students organizes events and they seem to enjoy themselves. They also offer Chinese lessons, but I’ve heard the lessons are geared towards a lot of reading and writing instead of getting conversational skills up to speed. My Indian lab mate has been for over an year, she still cannot communicate in basic Chinese. So I think picking up Chinese could be a bit more difficult.

Ok so i finished my year there

really good place would recommenced

I doubt ill be coming back to forumosa anymore, so to all who have doubts its a good school, teachers are great. To hansioux it all comes down to how much u put your heart in it, that said student was probably lazy or socially awkward. Besides she wasnt studying it full time, just a free lesson once a week

If your interested in the nightlife hsinchu is borderline ok, Taipei shits all over it but it does have a few good bars. If you like to play chess learn the chinese version with your classmates.

Good luck

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