Anyone Else Had Dog Hot Pot?


Around 2000 I had dog hot pot in a restaurant on Taichunggang Road (Taiwan Boulevard) in Taichung. I finished it no problem, but it really wasn’t good. Anyone else had this in Taiwan? Did anyone else actually enjoy it?

Later, after telling a Taiwanese friend about it, he suggested a place where the dog hot pot was “much better.” Never made it to that other place.


What is a hot dog pot?

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A hot dog with pot. Me likey.


Thanks for stealing my joke! :angry:


We’ve tried, but he keeps kicking the cabbage all over the place, then shakes broth all over the dining room.


never seen any dog meat on sale here. i would have to think that theres not much of it being eaten because of all the strays running around. i saw barely any strays in china, they have people chasing them around in cars to kill for the meat. same reason why you never see any fish or turtles in ponds there. or birds. or any type of wild life. its just free food over there.

i did see a turtle meat restaurant in xinzhu last week though. not interested.


Please note: consumption of dog meat is now illegal in Taiwan (from 2017). So please no anecdotes of a slap up feast of pooch consumed last week in Keelung.

Prior to 2017: have at it.


Well, we don’t really prevent people from relating tales of their own illegal activity, per se. We do disallow people from advocating illegal behavior. There is some grey area between the two

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Something that’s always puzzled me about this is that it’s pretty much accepted that we don’t eat carnivorous mammals, they’re virtually inedible.
How does the dog meat get around this??


Yeah but I wouldn’t openly admit to it. It’s like admitting to shooting an elephant cos you fancy the tusks.


They raise dogs on specific diets to make them taste better. They call them 肉狗.


My dog decided to be a vegan. He probably wouldn’t taste that bad.


Don’t Koreans sometimes eat cats? What about African bush meat?


I don’t think anyone would eat a cat on purpose.
And if they do, it’s probably raised on a specific diet, like the Cow said.

“Bushmeat”, while pretty much encompassing anything you can kill in the jungle, primarily comprises herbivorous species, like gorilla, elephant, hippos, etc.

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I thought it was pretty well recognized. I don’t think a cat could eat a non-meat diet.


Not that I have any great love for cats, but that just sounds gross.
There’s a reason why cat and dog shit is as nasty as it is.


Eating dog has always been illegal in Taiwan even before 2017. There are some news about people raising dog for meat and stuff. As to how well those laws are enforced, it’s hard to say. I mean seriously in the army people eat dogs all the time.


Has not.

Anyone notice how the dogs on Wuzhi Shan are gone? New Taiwan sport: hunting stray dogs with BB guns.


Yea I heard a Taiwanese guy talking about it… seems shooting dogs with air soft guns is a real sport here. In the states they shoot them with actual firearms though.


There’s pictures of perpetrators posted all up the mountain and a hotline to call.

Sick fucks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a puppy in the night market.
  2. Play with it for a month.
  3. Get bored dump it on the balcony where it barks all day.
  4. Neighbors complain.
  5. Take it for a long drive up Wuzhishan.
  6. Dump it.
  7. Dickheads pick it off with a BB gun.
  8. Rinse and repeat.